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BRDC Full Member, Stephen Jelley launched a new initiative for motorsport fans named “SCOOP OF JELLEY” at the Autosport Show on Thursday 14 January.

Scoop of Jelley will give the general public the chance to sponsor Stephen in his 2010 British Touring Car Championship Campaign.

This is a unique scheme and the first time an initiative of this type has been launched in top line UK motorsport.

The most important people in motorsport are the fans “Scoop of Jelley” is a fans experience letting anyone become part of the team having a personal involvement in Stephen Jelley’s charge towards the British Touring Car Championship.

For 2010 Stephen Jelley’s race car will have dedicated Scoop of Jelley sections which will be divided up into individual “Scoops.” Fans will be able to display a message, name, or whatever they wish within their Scoop actively sponsoring Stephen Jelley.

Scoop of Jelley will give fans the choice of three “helpings” or package options.

1. “Get a Scoop” is the first helping. A Scoop is a section where a personalized message or name will be displayed on or in the race car for the whole motorsport season. In addition each member will receive a personal Scoop of Jelley pack containing a hand signed baseball cap, welcome brochure, digital images and video. Meeting by meeting news letters will be sent via e-mail to keep members up to date with the charge to victory. Every member will receive a photograph of their Scoop showing them its location on the car. To give fans the opportunity to see their Scoop, free workshop tours will be organized where fans can come and see not just their Scoop but the workings of a modern racing team. Tours will be spaced throughout the year to give everybody the experience.

2. “Jelley Legs” This is where it gets really mega, Jelley Legs offers everything involved in purchasing a Scoop, as well as inviting participants along to Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground to one of the “Jelley Legs Experience Days”. Guests will be able to meet Stephen Jelley and other motorsport names, see motorsport exhibits and talks. Jelley Legs guests will then be driven for a high speed demonstration in a track day car by Stephen Jelley or other well known racing drivers. Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and Big Thunder will also offer fans the chance to purchase other on and off track experiences from off road four wheel drive action to twin engine Go-Karting.

3. “I Scream” is the dessert with extra topping, As well as getting a Scoop, participants will be invited to a more intimate low number “Screaming Jelley Legs Experience Day” at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground. Stephen Jelley will provide personal one to one tuition where guests will be shown advanced lapping techniques, skid and slide control and tutoring in the arts of heel and toe and left foot braking, all in a safe stress free environment. There are not many environments where you can afford to make the mistakes necessary as part of a learning experience. “I Scream” gives you this environment combined with expert tuition from one of the country’s elite racing drivers.

The Club regrets to report on the death of Neville Hay, who was elected as a BRDC Member in 1993
The Club regrets to report on the death of Alan Minshaw, who was elected as a BRDC Member in 1984
The Club regrets to report on the death of Ray Thackwell who was elected as a BRDC Member in 1957
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