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Young Drivers

The BRDC has always been about contemporary racing drivers. Indeed, a key founding aim of the Club was to further the interests of British drivers and that manifests itself today in the form of support for young drivers.

Currently the Club runs two schemes: the SuperStars and Rising Stars. Through these complementary programmes the BRDC aims to assist the very best British and Commonwealth drivers achieve their goal of success in top level motor sport whilst also ensuring there is a strong and enthusiastic flow of new members to the Club.

Above all, the BRDC young driver programmes ensure the BRDC remains relevant to those competing in the sport today.  BRDC SuperStars and Rising Stars visit National and International racing podiums on a regular basis and since the conception of both programmes, there have been many high profile championships secured by BRDC young drivers.  There is no doubt that the Club has an eye for spotting the very best.

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