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Silverstone has introduced a new event to the 2009 calendar – Silverstone Air featuring the World Aerobatic Championships takes place on Saturday 29 August.  The Airshow will feature displays from the Aerostars, Wasp, Swift Team, Red Devils and Blades and will be supported by the final day of the World Aerobatic Championships.

The United Kingdom has been selected to host the 25th World Aerobatic Championships, the most prestigious completion in the world of air sports, at Silverstone following a rigorous pitch process conducted by the FAI.  The World Aerobatic Championship is designed to test the skills of around 60 pilots from 19 countries over a thirteen day period running from Monday 17 August with the final day, Saturday 29 August, being the main event day.  The competition sequences are flown within the aerobatic box which is 1km square and situated over the Southern section of the circuit.  These flight sequences require split-second timing, precise speed and altitude control, constant calculation for wind and cloud and are both physically and mentally demanding for the pilots.

On each of the first twelve days of the event, flying will take place between 0900 – 1300 and 1400 – 1800 with a one hour break between 1300 and 1400.  Aerobatic flying will take place within these time slots but that does not necessarily mean it will be running continuously as there will only be as much flying as is required to complete the contest.  Public will be permitted into the venue FOC on the first twelve days however viewing areas will be limited to Abbey outside.

Tickets are on sale for the main event (28th and 29th August) through the Silverstone website and contact centre. In addition to the above Silverstone will be providing family entertainment FOC  in the form of a fun fair and a giant screen to watch the action up close on 29th August.

A timetable for the event will follow shortly. 

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